Puppy love

21 02 2020

Who doesn’t love a dog? Massimo, at left, is no longer a puppy. He no longer chews out the stuffing of his bed, but he still plays with toys. He likes to press his warm body up to you as close as possible to cuddle.

He’s visiting here while his peeps are at school. Workers are at his house, so his dad brought him here so he wouldn’t get out of the gate. He’s a runner, as we found out from past experience. What a chase that was!

JJ, who lives here in his forever home, was acquired from the humane society. He has nice eyeliner. We don’t know his age, only that he is an old man now. He has no use for toys, but is very barky, especially when neighbor cats enter the yard and when the brown truck and refuse truck drive up the street. I guess we should be thankful that we have an excellent watch dog.

JJ likes going for a walk, although now he goes a few yards only to stop in his tracks to pause and simply look around. If lost, I don’t know if he would find his own way home. But, he likes to show off for people. If walking in a pack, he likes to be the pack leader.

We love our dogs.

Flora and fauna

30 08 2019

Good morning, studio fans! Look what greeted me when I woke up: a pair of doggies and fresh blooms of white ginger.

JJ and Massimo

Amongst the red ti

Ahh, it’s a wonderful start of a successful day. On the calendar are finishing up one final volcano collage for my exhibit, a voice lesson, and a “Pau Hana” happy hour at my friend Kathryn’s. Hey, it’s Aloha Friday!


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