8 01 2022

E holomua kākou! Let’s make progress!

What’s missing from this photo are the several birds that flew by my window and their morning matin.

My weekly Hawaiian language classes start up again this morning. I enjoy being the student. The papa (class) usually starts with ”Heaha ka mea hou?”, what’s new?

Well, we are still having class via Zoom, and we are starting to read and translate nā piliolana, biographies. After several years, the focus is on reading aloud and fluid pronunciation. I think singing Hawaiian songs most of my life and the love of Hawaiian music in my family was/is an advantage, as it comes easily to me. This morning’s tribute is to the late Bina Mossman, whose legacy includes well-known music compositions including ”Niu Hao Hao,” ”He Ono,” ”Ka Pua Uʻi,” ”Stevedore Hula,” ”Hele Au I Kaleponi,” ”Kuʻu Lei,” ”Mapuana Kuʻualoha,” and “Laʻelaʻe.”

E kanikapila kākou! Let’s make music to help us progress.

~ Rebekah



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