Lei-making technique for table decor

15 07 2021

Katrina and her mom want to make lei for a couple of yachts arriving at Waikīkī in the TransPac yacht race later this month, and they sought me for coaching. Coincidentally, I planned to fashion table decorations for the 97th Anniversary party of the Koʻolauloa Hawaiian Civic Club tonight, so I suggested they watch me demonstrate the technique. We met under the gazebo at Kaneohe Yacht Club. The two took step-by-step photos and quizzed me about plant material.

The colors of the Koʻolauloa Hawaiian Civic Club are green and yellow. (Katrina Molenda photo))
Light green ti leaves, Song of Singapore, and lime puff blossoms comprise this table decoration. I used 24-gauge paddle wire from a floral/craft supply store to fasten the material together.




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