Thank the helpers

28 04 2020

This post is a shout out of gratitude to the tireless (and now tired) health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, such as the nurses and doctors working in the emergency rooms of hospitals throughout the land. My cousin Prince and my friend Lei, who are EMTs at different medical centers in Honolulu, were appreciative of the washable cloth face masks I sent, and although the gear was not regulation, they explained they could wear them over a paper mask while entertaining their co-workers with pretty prints. Too, they could use them if masks became in short supply.

When Lei found out I could sew, she requested surgical caps. On some masks, the elastic that is worn behind the ears becomes uncomfortable to wear after awhile, so I put buttons on the sides for the elastic to hook on to.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that I made includes a face mask from a Marimekko tea towel and a surgical cap from a t-shirt

Lei is the new chair of the Ka Lāhui Hawaii Political Action Committee. I donated my KPAC shirt for the fabric of her one-of-a-kind cap.

Lei, a Kaiser Permanente EMT, dons protective gear including a surgical cap with the words Ka Lahui Hawaii

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are working so very hard. We are praying for your safety.

~ Rebekah



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