Understanding Georgia O’Keeffe

19 02 2014

Hey, studio fans! Tomorrow is my usual painting day with my group out in the landscape. Since being sidelined with a temporary medical issue in December that forced me to cancel many activities and plans, I haven’t painted a stroke. DH brought a pot of tulips for St. Valentine’s Day, and Tamsen softly suggested I paint a still life. Curiously, I have never seen a tulip blossom like the one I photographed above. So I’ve been thinking about picking up my brush. If not tomorrow, then soon. What do you think?

Copyright 2014 Rebekah Luke



3 responses

21 02 2014

Thereʻs no time like the present to start ;o) Happy Painting!

20 02 2014
Rebekah's Studio

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! Tulips give me a great opportunity to change my palette to the opposite side of the color wheel!

20 02 2014
Tamsen Fox

Definitely!! I particularly love tulips and my dear daddy’s nickname for me was TamTam the Tulip. Get going girl! PAINT cuz that’s when you are who you REALLY are!!

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