Ula the Cat; she’s back

13 01 2014

Ula the Cat is back. When Pua the bigger dog came to live with us, Ula became a nervous wreck and moved out. One dog, okay, but not two!

When Ula disappeared, DH and I thought she had gone away to die, as cats do. We looked everywhere for her until I spotted her resting quietly under the front porch, largely hidden from view by ferns.

I crawled around under the steps for awhile with food and water. Then we tipped an old ice chest sideways to create better shelter and a level place for Ula to hang out. From that spot she had a 180-degree view. No way would she come back into the house.

DH got tired of serving Ula there, so he moved the ice chest to ON the porch. Not rain proof. Not sat.

Here’s a photo of the current fix designed by DH, a handmade hardwood and granite table to go over the ice chest.

Whenever Ula is not in her box, as she wasn’t this morning, we worry. But now she’s back again. She will pad up to the front screen door to meow for breakfast, but still no further. She is used to being the Queen.





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