What I did on my summer vacation

20 08 2013

Lotus at Buddha Buddha ©2013 Rebekah LukeSo very fortunate am I to have experienced the genius of two brilliant teachers in performing arts this month.

I learned from among the best, if not the best, in their craft: Rod Eichenberger, for choral conducting, and Mark W. Travis, for play-writing and acting.

How about that for “what I did on my summer vacation?!” 🙂

The creative voice in me said to seek out their coaching to develop my skills in music and writing.

I had taken their workshops once before, so I knew ahead of time I liked their methods and that they would not let me fail.

The music workshop was in Cannon Beach, Oregon, and the writing workshop was in Hauula, Oahu.

I decided to invest the time and the tuition. I left the studio and family behind for a few weeks for the adventure. Please know I am not looking for a job or a new career. Rather, I find it exciting to learn new things. In the end, it is satisfying to know that I can do it, thanks to excellent and caring mentors.

Going back into the classroom at my age was healing as well. In Reiki terms, “healing” means “the feeling of being whole.”

I recommend to anyone interested in singing and choral work at any level, or writing of any kind, that they learn technique from Rod and Mark. With many, many years of professional and teaching experience, both men have a following of disciples that enrolls annually.

The workshops were full when I inquired, but at the last minute spaces opened up, and I was invited to attend. I was lucky and so very grateful.

The Choral Conductors Professional Development Workshop with Rod Eichenberger is described in my earlier post.

In Mark’s new class “Write Your Life/On Your Feet,” he teaches students how to convert a biographical short story to a script, how to develop characters, and how to stage a show. He applies his experience as a film director and his knowledge of camera angles to staging actors for a live audience. He directs the characters, not the actors.

Both mentors will show you successfully how to get rid of any bad habits in performing and show you new tricks. At the end of five days you will be transformed! That’s what they promise, and they’re right. Each and every time.

Thanks to George Fox University and Alice Anne Parker for sponsoring these fantastic and amazing opportunities.

Next stop: L’Italia! Please check back in September when I’ll be posting from Toscana, Roma, and Napoli! ~ RL

Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke



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