More paintings installed

22 07 2013

The virtual gallery has new pieces! I’ve installed some new recent works to the Paintings page. I worked hard today to add final strokes so I could photograph them for viewing.

Now the paintings will have enough time to dry before the varnish coat that I will brush on for my show in November at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden on Oahu. If someone wishes to buy one of these, it will be with the understanding that I will borrow them back.

These new works are inspired by landscapes I painted about 20 years ago. My concept is to compare my work as a painter then to the work I am doing now. Over the past months I’ve returned to these Hawaiian places to paint the scene again. I’ll exhibit the former and the current works side by side. The project is going well.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit my booth at the Prince Lot Hula Festival on Saturday and for supporting my work as a painter.



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