Kids and me at the Filipino Fiesta

12 05 2013

Anxious to finish another painting, I headed out to Kapiolani Park yesterday only to find the Annual Filipino Fiesta staged there. It’s Saturday. Duh. I didn’t care. It takes me an hour to drive there from the studio, and DH gave up the use of our one car, so I felt I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

I circumnavigated the park twice after deciding to not park illegally and before squeezing into a spot on Leahi avenue that my friend Pi‘ikea would term “in the next county.”

Plein air oil painters lug their French easels, paints, and what-have-you all over the creation. We need to be there for the light. So I hoofed it.

I visualized my painting spot empty as I walked toward the iconic ironwood-lined path, and it was! Right in the middle of a pedestrian aisle lined with two rows of tent booths and across from the food booths and their aroma, each with a long line of customers.

The tinikling and other Filipino and pop tunes from the bandstand blared, and I welcomed another of day of painting to music. The one I did at the recent Bluegrass Hawaii festival was successful.

"Bluegrass Hawaii," 20"x16" oil on canvas

“Bluegrass Hawaii,” 20″x16″ oil on canvas

As you might imagine there were a lot of spectators, photographers, and videographers who stopped to watch me paint. I’m happy to stop and converse. What I like the best are the children. Here’s a sample of their comments and questions (some adults ask the same things):

Kid: What kind of paint is that?
Me: Oil paint.
Kid: Did you draw that?
Me: Uh huh.
Kid: How long did it take you to paint that?
Me: This is my fourth or fifth time out.
Kid: Are the people in the painting still there?
Me: Try look. Are they?
Kid: What are you going to call your painting?
Me: How about “Ironwood Path at Kapiolani Park”? “Diamond Head” is too ordinary, don’t you think?
Kid: (smiles widely and nods approval)
Kid (noticing the vista): Oh, look! She’s painting that!
Kid: Wow, you have a lot of colors.
Me: Do you like to draw?
Kid: Yes.
Kid: Are you going to be an artist when you grow up?
Older kid (punching the first kid in the arm): She IS an artist.
Me: Yup, when I grow up.
Me and Taxx, who I just met, with my painting in progress, i.e., it is not from completed (Photo by Taxx's photographer)

Me and Taxx, who I just met, with my painting in progress, i.e., it is not completed. I am revisiting some places I painted about 20 years ago and painting them again. This is one of them. I hope to mount an exhibit to compare the art works. Is there any growth? Have I grown up?  (Photo by Taxx’s photographer)

Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke



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