I’m back from Italy

11 11 2012

Thanks for coming with me to Italy! I’m here at the studio now, getting back in the groove. If you missed my adventure, you can see it at “Popo Goes to Italy,” though it will be in reverse chronological order. I just posted the final entry at that site. I really saw and did a lot!

While in Italy, I found some time to paint in oil. I shipped some supplies ahead for convenience, unsure if I could get them at my destination. As it turned out, the frame shop at commissary at which I had privileges through our son-in-law was well stocked.

This is the view from the house, at the foot of Campiglione. Inside the crater is a large recreation area for US Armed Forces personnel and their families. DH and I went there several times with Miss Marvelous and her family.

My finished painting of Campiglione, a volcano in Campania, Italy

My set up. Painting is unfinished.

En plein air. My view from the balcony.

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke



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