My oil paintings year by year

4 10 2011

In my second year of oil painting, I did "Kalama Beach" on a canvas panel. 18" x 24". Ariel Krape Hylton Collection. © 1990 Rebekah Luke

Just a few more electronic images to gather, and my Retrospective Collection of paintings will be complete — for the time being. Most of it is installed at Rebekah’s Studio.

I presented “Kalama Beach” to my step-daughter about 20 years ago. When I went back to photograph the work for this collection, I saw I had attached an “artist at work” snapshot of her watching me paint at this very spot. (Sigh.) Time and place. Perhaps Miss Marvelous will inherit the piece one day.

To view more of the collection, just click on It’s another look back! Thank you for visiting!

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke



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