Lunch with my Chinese cousins

5 05 2011

Incidentally, I am an only child, but I have many cousins. This is my newest cousin who I know of (apologies if there is one younger)—Keanu with his father David, who are relatives on my mother’s side. Isn’t he adorable?

David and Keanu

His origins are Asian (dad) and European (mom). He and dad stopped by to say hello to four of my first cousins and me at lunch today in Waikiki.

All of our mothers were sisters. My mother Fo-Tsin was the youngest. In all, my Jau Po (grandmother) had 15 children, so there is a lot more to this family. As I said, I have many cousins. Pretty soon we’ll have a reunion.

MY COUSINS. Left to right: Eileen, the eldest of my generation and daughter of Aunty Edna; Claire, visiting from California and daughter of Aunty Alma; Millie, daughter of Aunty Lois; and Audrey Helen, daughter of Aunty Inez and grandmother of Keanu (see accompanying photo)

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke



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