My new favorite book about healing

6 03 2011

Hi Everyone,

Oprah did the interview in 2008, but only today did I finish reading the book from cover to cover.

My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor is my new favorite that I want to share. It is a wonderful gift for healing and answers many questions I had about universal life force energy. The author suggests how we can radiate peace and healing onto the world.

Dr. Jill is a brain scientist, a neuroanatomist, who observed herself having a stroke in 1996. Because of her academic study of the brain, she knew what was happening to her. And she made a conscious decision to recover so that she could educate others. In 2006, ten years since her left hemisphere was wounded, she finished her book, providing a valuable resource for families and caregivers.

I recall her appearance on Oprah’s show, and later caught more of her talk on  Oprah’s website. (Just click on the link.) I recall thinking, “Gosh, I wish this information was available to me when my dad had his strokes.” The medical community was not forthcoming in our hour of need. Where was the compassion? Or perhaps I didn’t know what questions to ask nor where to go for help.

And perhaps only now would the rest of what Dr. Jill reveals make sense to me. In other words, any earlier I would not be ready for it.

Two weeks ago the WCC Tai Chi Club hosted a workshop series, and my tai chi sister Karen had a big part in planning and coordinating the hospitality for participants who included about 20 out-of-towners.  Although her husband just had a stroke a few days before, Karen was determined to show up and follow through with the plans. I decided to present her with My Stroke of Insight. “She can re-gift it,” I thought, if she had already read it. Karen is a librarian, so I was hoping she would appreciate it in any case.

The bookstore at the mall had two copies in stock, and I bought both: one for Karen and one for me. I thank Karen for her situation that reminded me to seek the book!

The first adjective that comes to mind as you follow Dr. Jill’s experience is “fascinating.” In itself, the detailed account is useful in the event that we (I) or another loved one should find ourselves in a similar situation in the future. Further, Dr. Jill explains how the left brain (hemisphere) works and how the right brain works. With only the right half of her brain working, she experienced what it feels like to be One with the universe.

She encourages us to acknowledge the workings of the left brain and to practice using the right brain that will cause us to live in the present, rather than the past or future. She explains how every emotion is paired with a physiological response (physical body posture) that takes only 90 seconds to run its course, after which we can decide to come back to the present. Which leads to healing, peace, and . . . well, you’ll just have to read the book! Dr. Jill tells it best. Thank you, Dr. Jill!

Oh, and I just read on Dr. Jill’s website that there’s a movie planned!

Related information: On the Thank You page of Rebekah’s Studio I list links to Jill Bolte Taylor’s information, as well as that of Devon White who teaches “how to be at your best” by adjusting your physical body—something that Taylor writes about. Eckhardt Tolle’s A New Earth also addresses being present.

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke



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