It’s rock-star snowing on Lanikai Beach

1 12 2010

I do believe it’s snowing here at Rebekah’s Studio! Just look at the snowflakes falling! And right after I posted this photo on my Facebook page with the caption “Thanksgiving weekend & no snow!” 🙂

Lanikai Beach - Thanksgiving weekend & no snow!

I’ve been staycationing with family all weekend down the coast of Oahu at my hanai brother’s and sister-in-law’s fancy beach house. I spent a few hours there on Tuesday and will likely go again tomorrow. I’m making a painting that’s a variation of this classic Hawaiian beach scene and the Mokulua (two islands). DH suggested I do some rock-star paintings. Is this rock-star enough for you?

And, thank you for a rock-star visual effect!

Copyright 2010 Rebekah Luke



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28 01 2011

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