20 views from my porthole on the Danube

1 01 2010

Greeting you this first day of the new year and continuing to reflect on last month’s winter travels . . .

Cabin 102 on the Viking Europe was “standard” accommodation and much more economical (Category E) than spaces on the higher decks. Small, but more spacious than the sailboats DH and I were familiar with, very clean, and comfortable enough.

Instead of sliding glass doors, we had a porthole that didn’t open. That was perfectly all right, as it was on the waterline and also wintertime, i.e., cold! When in port, the view was the underside of the gangplank, but while underway there were sites to see along the Danube River from Passau in Germany, to towns and cities in Austria, to Budapest in Hungary. Here are 20.

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1 02 2011
20 views from my porthole on the Danube | The Danube River

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4 01 2010

I thought it was pretty nifty too!

4 01 2010
Derek Neighbors

Awesome concept. I love the porthole as a frame for these shots!

2 01 2010

2 01 2010 From
Paul Stewart (00:04:26) :

Absolutely love the “20 views from my porthole”…
Would like to post a link to say go look at an image on The Danube at Mouth to Source.
I’m based in Phnom Penh and shoot panoramas. Most imaging is along the Mekong.
All the best for 2010.

2 01 2010 reply from
Rebekah (18:19:42) :

Paul, you have a very interesting concept in your website. Folks who are interested can go to http://mouthtosource.net/rivers/about/ and click on the Danube to see the 360-degree panoramic images of the river in other seasons; or click on the main menu tabs at the top. That was pretty interesting to see what the places looked like under the snow and in the daylight! Thanks for the info.

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