Snowed in

20 12 2009

Heavy snow blizzards on the US East Coast caused our return flight from Vienna to be cancelled. Austrian Airlines rerouted us to Philadelphia via Warsaw, Poland, and Toronto, Canada, the next day. Some of our Danube River Cruise mates have to wait two days for their new flights. Now our departure to Warsaw is delayed, so we just relax, have a cup of coffee, and draft another blog post.

The Danube Holiday Delight cruise of 8 days and 7 nights was just that–delightful–and exceeded all expectations! This was my first trip to Central Europe, my first sightseeing cruise on a ship, and although I had experienced snow before, it wasn’t as winter-wondery-landy as this!

On board the crew of 35 pampers the passengers to the max. As there is no assigned seating at mealtimes, we met many interesting people and saw most of the 140 passengers. I took advantage of the private qigong lessons in the morning by Niki, the program manager from Budapest. I guess no one else cared to wake up so early.

The long and narrow boat allows for a 270-degree views of the river from the lounge at the front and both port and starboard views from the dining room at the stern. Wow! I detected a lot of butter in the fine cuisine prepared by the chefs, and I ate my fill, so puppy-chan will get an extra walk each day after we get home.

Here are photos I took that are ship related. The three people frolicking in the snow are Niki, Marcela, and Michael–the program team that took very good care of us.

Frohe Weinachten! ~ Rebekah



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