A Native Hawaiian initiative

5 12 2009

Some of my friends may know that I am a citizen of Ka Lahui Hawaii. I attended a working group meeting today to give a progress report on the new website http://kalahuihawaii.wordpress.com/ that I manage. It is even newer than Rebekah’s Studio.

For weeks we’ve been figuring how best to install certain documents for the public, and from the response of citizens at today’s meeting we uploaded the “Constitution of Ka Lahui Hawaii.” I am so happy! And there will be more information to come.

Looking back, quite a lot of nation building occurred in the 1990s. The citizens and honorary citizens were very active on all islands and on Moku Honu (North America). I remember attending legislative sessions throughout the islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui and Hawaii. There was an extensive sovereignty education program and citizens took stands on issues often.

Many of our kupuna (Hawaiian elders) who guided the nation in the early years have passed over. Remembering the legacy they left us, we are now continuing to pick up the pieces and press onward.

I think people who are unaware or, and I say this kindly, ignorant of the Native Hawaiian situation—whether they are sympathetic to Native initiatives or not—will be surprised at how much work Ka Lahui Hawaii accomplished:

The Constitution, Master Plan, resolutions, work at the United Nations level, treaties with other nations, educational and economic programs, research—all done at a grassroots level. We met in churches, in parking lots, in parks, at community centers, at each others’ homes.

If you have an interest, please visit


Through the power of the internet, the Ka Lahui Hawaii working group is recording the nation’s efforts in cyberspace for current and future generations.

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6 responses

16 10 2010
Rebekah's Studio

Aloha Jon, I sent you a private email! In the past a Ka Lahui Hawaii registrar gathers information about you on a form, and then swears you in with an oath.

16 10 2010

I am Native Hawaiian on my mother’s side. How do I become a citizen of Ka Lahui Hawaii?

7 06 2010
Rebekah's Studio

Thanks for stopping by. I read your blog and think it’s terrific that you have set your goals!

7 06 2010

Aloha Kakou! Great post!! I think it’s important for us Kanaka Maoli to unite in the movement for our self-determination. Because there is no one out there who knows what’s best for our people, except for us. As there is no one who knows what’s best for black people except for blacks, and latinos for latino people, and so on. So let’s not allow those who don’t understand the movement for Native Hawaiians hold us back, they have not educated themselves on the movement for our people. And let’s unite as Native Hawaiians. Check out my blog post “A Plea to Native Hawaiians” when you have some time, which has to do with the Movement and feel free to comment. Mahalo 🙂 http://jinkasima.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/a-plea-to-native-hawaiians/

7 12 2009

Aloha. Mahalo for your comment.

6 12 2009
kamana kapu

A true democracy is a government of ALL the people, by ALL the people, and for ALL the people including those children who have just been born as well as those that are soon to be born. They, too, should have the vote with their mothers or guardians voting on their behalf. It would also be nice to see that ancient dicta “No one has a right to lie or be a part of any lie”, included.

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