Holoholo ma Heʻeia Pier

20 09 2021

Taking the scenic route home north from Kaneʻohe along Kamehameha Highway on Oʻahu, I checked out Heʻeia Pier. Seemed like it was the same as always except for the operators of the open-air restaurant at the end. It’s been some years since our pal Mark Noguchi fed us there.

Kaneʻohe Bay view

On a quiet Monday morning there were a few customers ordering poke bowls, a couple of water craft going out to sea, a tour boat, a fishing boat, pole fishers, the mail carrier, and uncle already on his way home. So peaceful.

Mokapu Peninsula way out there


Good rules of the Pier

Recycle station

Coral Queen

Getting ready

Fuel dock

Going home

Have a good week, and be well.




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