Moku Peʻa, welcome back to Kāneʻohe

6 11 2011

Poe, a Tahitian fruit pudding made with papaya, banana, and coconut milk. At lower right, savory sweet potato slices.

Bill Leary’s sloop Moku Peʻa sailed back in to Kāneʻohe Bay yesterday afternoon on her last leg from a Tahiti voyage. Lori Lloyd, Bill’s first mate — who actually flies between landfalls because she gets seasick — arranged a fantastic Tahiti-style welcome for the skipper and his crew.

The word got out through the coconut wireless, and at 3 p.m. the tamure drums were sounding over the Kaneohe Yacht Club p.a. system, and a crowd had gathered at the dock.

Moku Pe‘a arrives home, Nov. 5, 2011

The couple’s Tahitian friend Ramine, who hosted and fed them in the South Pacific in the manner you see in my photos, came to O‘ahu and prepared a gastronomic spread that was the highlight of a colorful thatched-roof “tiki bar” setting that Lori and her friends decorated with pareu (sarong wraps), vanilla orchid, lei po‘o, coconuts, big tropical flowers, and shredded ti leaves (Tahitian-style fly swatters). Lori passed out tiare blossoms for the welcome wishers to wear over their ears.

Poisson cru, Hinano beer, French baguettes, an array of fresh tropical fruit, Tahitian poe, breadfruit, sweet potato, oh my, what a party!

Although back at home, I think Lori wanted their Tahiti adventure aboard the Moku Pe‘a to linger just a little longer.

Poisson cru

Tapioca, plantain, banana, taro, breadfruit, sweet potato . . .

Fresh sweet pineapple

Bill and Lori

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke



2 responses

26 11 2011
Rebekah's Studio

You’re welcome! Glad you found the story. That was a fabulous welcome party. I need to learn how to make Tahitian poe. C’est magnifique! Likewise, I enjoyed reading Noodle’s posts of the voyage.

26 11 2011
Lori Lloyd

Rebekah, what a wonderful surprise to read this nice story and see the beautiful photos…thank you! Aloha, Lori Lloyd and Bill “Noodle” Leary

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