Guacamole—diced, delectable, delightful

14 08 2011

My neighbor's avocados

A couple of firm-ripe avocados rolled into the yard from the neighbor’s tree. So for the full moon gathering of goddesses last night, I decided to make fresh guacamole the way gourmet cook Honoli’i Mike makes it. Finely diced, not mashed.

That way you retain the texture of the fruit, and each little dice is coated with the other ingredients. Mike said he makes his simple. Doesn’t add much of anything else, just a little lime juice.

Food lover that I am, I examined his delectable mixture and detected more than lime juice.

To lime juice in a large mixing bowl I substituted garlic chives for cilantro and added the juice from a calamansi, salt, black pepper, and a lot of minced red onion. I stirred these ingredients well, then folded in the avocado and chilled the guacamole until party time.

One of last night’s delightful goddesses is Mexican, and she pronounced it “Good!” I think I’ll make guacamole Mike’s way from now on.

¡Buen provecho!

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke



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